I deal with the creation of websites and online stores, project management and development of business areas of activity. My interest in technology and running a business makes me able to work effectively in both areas. I develop every day by carrying out orders for clients, as well as reading valuable books and taking an example from successful people. What makes me different?

Planning and Strategy

I attach particular importance to ensuring that all work is properly planned, which allows me to optimize project costs and translates into their quality.

User First

I believe that a well-run project should be focused entirely on the needs of the user or client. After all, they pay us 🙂


I’ve been in the industry for quite a few years. I gained experience by running projects for large corporations, as well as creating websites for small companies. This allows me to adapt to different situations.

Mobile First

We live in times when the most important thing is the optimal website design for mobile devices. When carrying out orders, I always remember about this trend and try to create the most optimal solutions.

Researching and Testing

I don’t like doing anything blind. If I’m running a large project, I like to break it down into smaller pieces and deliver business value incrementally. Thanks to this, I avoid burning the budget for unnecessary (and seemingly important) elements of the project.

I guarantee support

After a project I have implemented, I always guarantee my clients assistance for the agreed time. If there is a desire to collaborate on a project, I am willing to do so.

Work with passion

How can I help you?

I deal with many things related to running an online business. Below I have listed what I am best at.


I create professional websites for clients. I can work on the basis of delivered projects as well as prepare them together with the client.


I create online stores, and I also help with their running. I use SaaS solutions like Shopify or WooCommerce. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll be happy to explain.

Business Support

I am a Project Manager and Product Owner by experience. I help implement agile management methodologies, as well as improve everyday work by detecting weak points in business operations.

The software

I use it to create websites and online stores.


WordPress is the most popular website building system in the world. Most of the world’s internet is based on WordPress, and for good reason. Open-source software guarantees full flexibility, scalability and brilliant website positioning (SEO) capabilities. If you want a business card, blog, portfolio or even an online store, WordPress is perfect for it.


As a rule, WordPress is a blog system to which we can install the WooCommerce plugin and start selling. Based on my own experience, I believe that this is a very good solution addressed to small and medium-sized stores.

The advantages of this solution are full freedom in development, no subscription and no additional fees related to payments. However, it should be remembered that when setting up a website or shop on WordPress, YOU are the owner of the server, you are responsible for its performance and personal data processing. So it’s worth working with someone who knows about it.


Shopify is a SaaS software that is very popular in the eCommerce world. The solutions proposed by the American company are aimed at companies that want to develop their sales without having to maintain their own server and worry about the efficiency of the store’s operation.

The store can be integrated with a lot of different sales support applications and can be used for dropshipping sales. It is often said that Shopify is not suitable for the Polish market. There is some truth in this, because some of the functionality is quite complicated to implement, but it is not impossible.

When choosing a Shopify online store, you have to take into account a paid monthly subscription and additional payment commissions if you want to use the official payment gateways proposed by Shopify (check the price list). The decision on the profitability of this type of solution is individual and depends on the size of the margin we earn on products.

Stay in touch

Let me know what I can help you with. Feel free to write or call.